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Mount Barker History Posts

Mount Barker History Posts

Our current focus is on the upgrading of the old section of the Mount Barker Cemetery, which dates from 1856.  Part of this effort involves our History Post project, which enables visitors to the cemetery to access a range of historical biographical information via post-mounted QR Codes. We are also leading an initiative to restore the gravesite of Mount Barker businessman and philanthropist John Dunn (1802-1894).

A.W. Richardson’s pharmacy, 1880


Designed for historians, genealogists and the casually curious

This project is located at the historic section of the Mount Barker Cemetery, and is designed for historians, genealogists and the casually curious.  Visitors to the Cemetery are invited to read the stories of twenty of the people buried there, via QR Codes positioned amongst the plots.

These stories encompass information about who these people were, where they came from, why they came, what happened to them, and how and why they died.  

The project is part of a broader proof-of-concept trial of using QR Codes to animate local histories. It is an initiative of the National Trust SA (Mount Barker branch), and is supported by the Mount Barker District Council and Business Mount Barker.  

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The team behind the Mount Barker History Posts Project

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